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My Mission:

Empower Individuals, Strengthen Families, Change the World

April 11-17th

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There's so much going on in The Hive!

The Blackbee Hive Collective is the home for my two companies, 

Blackbee Media, LLC and Let's Doula This, LLC.


My Mission:
Empower Individuals, Strengthen Families, Change the World


As a doula and audio engineer, I combine my two passions to support families from pregnancy to postpartum and even new birthworkers as they navigate through this exciting and sometimes overwhelming birth and parent world. I get to engage my audience and clients with podcasts, birth services, and other resources to help them thrive. 


Support matters, and especially in this moment, we need a village more than ever… even if it's virtual! Let's create wonderful memories with our families & know, that your village is here! I'm so glad you're a part of the Hive! I believe we all can thrive in The Hive with support and education. I invite you to check out all The Blackbee Hive has to offer you & your family!! 

  • Blackbee Radio

  • Podcasts

  • STEAM Education

  • Audio books (coming soon)

  • Personalized Recordings

    • Affirmations/Motivation

    • Gifts and Family wishes

  • Doula and Family Services

  • Business coaching

  • Wellness Boutique

  • Resources

  • Workshops

  • Doula Support Services

  • Personalized Recordings

    • Birth Affirmations​

    • Sibling & family messages

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